Example of the Cluster orbit configuration for 2000-09-24Z0600 to 2000-09-26Z1000 (produced with OVT software)

(orbit shown in GSM coordinates, red line, the orbital plane is roughly along 11-23 local time line)

Corresponding footprints in geographic coordinates are shown  below:
1. 0630 UT 2000-09-24 Cluster below the equator, first magnetic contact with the north.
2. 0730    crossing the equatorial plane
3. 0830     flying over Kiruna at 4.2Re
4. 0930     cusp crossing
5. 1030 UT 2000-09-25 crossing the equatorial plane
6. 0000 UT 2000-09-26 last magnetic connection with the northern hemisphere
(Magnetospheric model: Tsyganenko 96, low activity)
thick marks every 30 minutes.

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